Message from Chairman

Hong Yan 严虹
Founder and CEO

I'm Hong Yan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Safety.

I started this company with a simple mission: to create a harm free work environment for everyone in the world. Every time we deliver a pair of our proudly produced shoes, we are a step closer to accomplishing this mission.

The reason we do what we do is that we genuinely believe that life should be cherish and workplace can be safer.

We take a high view of work safety, rejecting the notion that our shoes are merely products from the factory. Instead, at Shenzhen Safety, we believe that our shoes are like amours to the soldiers, only that ours are for the workers. We are always reminded that our product can be the last line of defense, that gets a workman/woman safely home to their family.

With over 20 years of dedication, we are more ready for you than ever, to offer you the best protection in the industry.

We look forward to empowering you to do your best work.