1. Customers provide original design or reference drawings.

2. The company completed the development of sample production sheet.

3. Finish the last and confirm the matching of the sole.

4. Complete the development and production of surface plate.

5. Transfer in the corresponding materials.

6. Finish the upper.

7. Complete the customer requirement sample.

8. Sample delivery.


1. Customers make inquiries about the goods they intend to purchase.

2. Offer quotation and provide samples to customers, make clear the information of model, quantity, delivery date, payment method, package, container type, etc.

3. The customer confirms the sample and quotation information and issues the formal order.

4. Make manufacturing order and other production order, issue purchase contract.

5. Collect the deposit or letter of credit of the order.

6. Organize and supervise the production, complete the order, and inspect and package the goods.

7. The company / supplier organizes the quality inspection and provides the quality inspection report; at the request of the customer, the customer or the third party inspection company designated by the customer conducts the inspection.

8. Negotiate with customers or determine the shipping company, make customs declaration documents, arrange warehouse booking, container towing, etc.

9. Purchase export credit insurance to ensure the safety of payment (according to the actual situation).

10. Confirm export documents with customers, inform shipping information, bulk cargo information and pictures, etc.

11. Production of export documents, mainly including packing list, commercial paper, bill of lading, certificate of origin.

12. When the goods are loaded, the trade delivery is realized, the rights and obligations are changed, and the goods are transported out.

13. According to the terms of the contract, collect payment from customers or banks to complete the transaction.