100% Owned Factory Located in Nice Country Side as Zhongshan Town 9,500 SQM Floor Area for Production with Around 200-250 Workers With PU/PU(TPU) Injection Line, Cemented Line and Goodyear Welted Line

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Our factory is audited and certified in accordance with the requirements for Quality

Management System (GB/T19001:2008/ISO9001:2008), which covers the scope of

Production and service of safety shoes

The certificate is valid till April.24.2019

Annual Factory Inspection Arranged by:

BSI (British Standards Institution) for AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 Certificate

The scope of the assessment is the documented system with relation to the requirements

of AS/N ZS 2210.3:2009 – Occupational protective footwear Part 3 Specification for safety footwear (ISO20345:2004 MOD) Standard.

TUV Factory Inspection for GS Certificate
It includes the assessment of documented system and witness inspection with relation to the requirements of production of safety footwear under EN ISO 20345:2011.

LSPro-Pustan for SNL Certificate
Since 2010, we get the SNI Marking Certificate which is issued by LSPro-Pustan of the Department of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, which is valid till 2018. It is requested to confirm with the provisions stipulated in the Procedure of Provision and Guidelines for SNI Marking Certification (LSPro-Pustan/P-19) and Procedure of Provisions and Guidelines for The Use of SNI Marking (LSPro-Pustan/P-20). The SNI number is 7079-2009.

CSA Z195-14
Since Jan.2016, we passed the factory evaluation which is the inevitable process to get the certificate of CSA. The assessment includes the audit of quality management system and control program of products safety properties.